Rebecca Doyle

Coming from a past of abusive relationships, addiction, homelessness, and depression from ages 14-24, it wasn’t until Treasure House of Hope found me through coming into my job with the banana bread and the participants praying for me, that God became real in my life and I could make a change. I am currently a graduate of the program, and have learned throughout this year how to love God, love myself, and love others. Since I came into the home on 6-16-16 my life has never been the same. My mom and I have a relationship we both have always wanted, and I have learned how to live with a purpose, and how to keep striving forward in life productively.

Tyler Rugh

I was looking for success and happiness in all the wrong places. From having it all, to throwing it all away with the liquor bottles, I effectively displaced myself from the lives I love to those who love me. Treasure House of Hope has given me the tools to have a better understanding of myself, an opportunity to get a relationship with Jesus Christ, and how to focus on my future. My life is forever altered because I no longer am defined as an alcoholic, but as an adventurer who is now driven by passion to discover greatness and inspiration.

JaQuita Cavitt

After watching my mom suffer from breast cancer in 2014, my father not only lost his wife, but he lost me as well, to alcohol and the fast life. I quickly began to blame God until I met Treasure House of Hope. I learned how to grieve with a sober mind and deal with the hurt I had been carrying around. Today I can say that my father and I have a relationship that is strong and authentic. I have learned how to trust God. Every day I am striving to become more of a Godly woman and standing on who God created me to be with a purpose.

Sarrah Arredondo

There is not much I have not struggled with in my past, but drugs and money are what almost took me out. I tore my family apart with broken promises and broken hearts. Having 3 beautiful courageous children who never lost hope or faith in me, Treasure House of Hope has made me realize that God can set anyone free, my life is not my own, and no one can steal my joy. The whole aspect of my life has changed, and the biggest part is recognizing I am perfectly imperfect in God’s eye and he is proud of us all.

Jessica Bottorff

After being addicted to drugs among other things, I lost my relationship and all communication with my parents and my kids. Treasure House of Hope is teaching me how to put God first in everything I do, remain steadfast in his word, and have faith and trust in him with all my heart. Turning my life over to God is the biggest, most important thing I have ever done, and I know now that all things are possible with him. I have learned some life skills that have taught me how to raise my standards and live a better life being who God says I am.

Tina McDonald

Before coming to The Treasure House of Hope my life was filled with alcohol, violence and prison. This life led to my children being adopted away from me, and brought distance between my family and I. Treasure House has taught me how to build healthy relationships, believe in myself and deal with life without self-medicating. The help I have received here has brought me contact with my children again, but most of all a solid foundation in Christ.

Jane Zeller

Since I was a young teenager, I had struggled with drug dealing, drug using and alcohol. The Treasure House of Hope has taught me to be still and know who I am in the Lord. I have learned through this program how to be still and live in the hope and joy of today. I have a new calmness, and strong confidence that the truth of God’s word says I am a new creation and life is beautiful.

Shena Milner

I have spent more than half of my life addicted to drugs, in and out of incarceration. After losing both of my children I found Treasure House of Hope. THH has helped me discover who I am as a Woman of God, gain strong sobriety, and get a relationship back with my children. This program has given me an opportunity that no other place has before.

Lisa Dellinger

For 12 or so years, I have struggled with drugs, alcohol and abusive relationships. I stopped associating with most of my family and those who truly care about me. Through the Treasure House of Hope my relationship with God and with my family has been renewed. I have learned how to communicate with others, and believe in myself through trusting God and his plans for my life.

Johnathan Soria

My past struggles stemmed from a long life of self-pity and not knowing how to love myself or how to be loved. Getting high was my main focus, and having made that the most important thing in my life I nearly pushed all my family away because of it. Treasure House of Hope has taught me that humility is something that doesn’t come easy, but the fight to be humble can lead to happiness and joy. I have also found a new understanding of my life having purpose through finding a relationship with Jesus Christ. Most importantly, THH has shown me that I am never alone and the trials that I have gone through strengthen me. The knowledge of God and his word has been the biggest part of this whole process that has affected me in this journey.

Jesse Collier

I was an ex-drug dealer as well as an addict facing a life-sentence due to my participation in criminal activity. I lost my family and my daughter, who are the most important people in my life. I’ve learned how to love people, forgive myself and develop a relationship with God while taking responsibility for my actions. The best thing Treasure House of Hope has given me is my life back, but most importantly being able to be a good father to my daughter.

Paul Sandoval

For many years I spent my life addicted to money, drugs and broken promises. In these addictions, I let my family believe I was never coming back home, and left them hopeless. Treasure House of Hope has taught me how to retrain my mind, strengthen my relationship with God, and renew my relationship with my family. The biggest part of my life that has changed is my heart because it was broken, and now it is healed in the name of Jesus.

Shelly Hough

Coming to the Treasure House of Hope has saved me from a self-destructive, drug addicted, homosexual background. I had to face reality that I didn’t know who I was until I found my identity in Christ. I’m an overcomer and know how to look at my future positively. I thank God for restoring my life and believing in me when I had no hope.

AshaLee Maire Spano

These ladies are awesome! It’s freezing out and still going around helping people! AMAZING BREAD FOR AN AWESOME CAUSE!

Robin Potter Nash

I love what you are doing! Keep up the good work!! I’ll be praying for you.

Ashleigh Flynn

I would just like to say that what this place is doing is an incredible work of God! The men and women of this home are so anointed, and lead by God, it’s beautiful! They spoke with my brother who is in a rough place, and they planted a seed in him that I know God will use! I would just like to say thank you, you are literally an answered prayer! Please keep fighting the good fight of faith, you are changing lives! Again Thank You.

Steve Byrne

I graduated the Treasure House Christian Discipleship Training Program and God has changed me in ways that I would never have imagined. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a true change in their lives!

April Bryant

Jesus Christ loves us so much, He showed me that the day I came to THH. I was lost and in a very dark place, thought home and family meant abuse and pain. Covered my hurts and fear in a sea of anger and addiction, thought I was okay, thought I was owed something because of my past, but Jesus showed me His healing love in THH. In THH I overcame addiction, but my biggest VICTORY was me letting my past go and learning the true power of forgiveness and love. I learned how to love God, others and myself, I learned how to live in peace, free of anger and fear. I thank God, Angelia Anderson, and THH for showing me how. If your lost and in the dark, there is light and hope at Treasure House.

Timothy Whitehead

Just over a year ago, I hit rock bottom and Jesus sent two angels from a place called the Treasure House of Hope. I’d been praying for two days and God answered my prayers. I thank God that I hit rock bottom because he showed me that he is my rock at the bottom. Thank you God for your faithful servants from the Treasure House of Hope for being obedient and doing your will. The Treasure House of Hope has shown me what it means to be a Disciple of Christ. So if you’ve hit rock bottom and are ready to stand on that rock at the bottom. Then Treasure House of Hope is where you need to be.

Dave Kennedy from Way FM

One of our listeners posted on our Prayer Wall the blessing of 2 men coming into their workplace yesterday. I was glad to learn about you on the web! Your verse in Isaiah 45.3 was 1 of a special group of verses the Lord gave to me as we were transitioning out of local church ministry in Richmond, Virginia, without knowing how He would provide in our future. What a blessing it was to be reminded of His faithfulness, and, now, to get to know you. Blessings in your effective ministry for Him!

Brandon Clark

The best place for healing that I have experienced in my life. Truly a place sent from God. If you’re looking for healing search no further. God is at work in this place.

Nathan Jay Cope

The women and men of Treasure House literally changed my life. Their love and acceptance carried me through the toughest period of my life. Praise God for the lives that are forever changed.

Sharon Reed

I visited Treasure House of Hope and interacted with the individuals in training for a month. My discovery is that the true authentic love of God is “Changing Lives and Restoring Families”. THH graduates enter the workforce as work ready! I witnessed businessmen, college students, managers and supervisors who had been trained in godly living, integrity and service go through their homes.