Program Info

Treasure House of Hope (THH) is a one-year inpatient treatment center. You must be 18 years or older with no child abuse charges or sex offenses. Each participant is on their own individual treatment plan. We house individuals for one year at no cost to them but a desire to want change. We will help them with basics from cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, and setting boundaries to helping them with opportunities for a job and assistance on applying for college when they graduate.

Individuals are not allowed to use tobacco of any kind, have cell phones or any electronic devices, and cannot work while in treatment. They stay in a dormitory style living space with 6-10 other people and have daily house chores and responsibilities. There is accountability and supervising volunteer staff that live on site. Participants are not allowed to leave by themselves and if they do, they will be discharged.

There is a 30-day blackout period when someone first comes to the home, meaning no contacting family by phone or letters. The purpose of this 30-day period is to get acclimated to the rules and structure. There are random UA’s and random room searches. Individuals with extensive medical or mental health conditions will be referred to other programs as we do not have paid or medical staff. There are no psychotropic, benzodiazepine, or opiate medications allowed. Participants will also need to detox before entering THH program.

We have different classes the participants attend throughout the week such as Recovery in Christ on Tuesday, motivational speakers on Wednesday, and spiritual development on Thursday. Our participants are guided by Drug and Alcohol counselors as well as peer to peer mentors.

There are mandatory daily groups Monday through Saturday in the morning. Some of the life skills participants work on while in treatment are communication with others, setting healthy boundaries, goal setting, taking responsibility, work ethics, financial literacy, health and nutrition, and learning to apply new coping skills.

There is also what we call Bread Ministry. The participants take out banana, pumpkin, and zucchini bread to the community and speak with individuals and business owners about what we do. The community members donate to keep the program going and the bread will be given as a gift. We rely on donations from the community to keep the doors open. This is done 4 days of the week with the participants walking several miles a day. Physical stamina and endurance must be had to participate. Bread ministry is a mandatory activity for each participant. Any physical problems must be made known in the intake form. This will determine whether you are accepted in treatment.

Prior legal obligations must be made known in the intake form. Depending on your charges, the number of charges, and what counties they are in, this could determine whether you are accepted in treatment.

The restoration of individuals and their family units will help the participants make sound moral decisions. We hope and pray they grasp the change in their lives and understand that changing their entire perspective can make the biggest difference in the world.