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Ministry Vehicles

Our ministry involves the participants going to the community with our delicious Treasure Bread four days a week. We are able to do this because of the 12 passenger van we currently have. It has a lot of wear and tear from years of daily use. We are in desperate need of a new van that can seat more participants. We would love to get a 15 passenger van so we can carry more participants.

We also have a cargo van that we use daily. This van is having mechanical issues and we could really use an upgrade. We use this van for donation pickups and hauling bread supplies to and from the kitchen. This van is an essential piece to the ministry and it would be a hindrance if something happened to it.

We also have an SUV and a mini van. Each one of these vehicles get used daily for groups, taking participants to appointments, and running errands. There is a need for new daily drivers for staff. We rely on these vehicles to help keep the ministry up and running.